Sworn in as the 103rd district’s first ever female representative on January 1, 2013, Patty got to work immediately to reform business-as-usual in the legislature, stand up for her district’s residents and greatly enhance constituent service.

  • Patty has worked closely with Governor Wolf to restore public school funding as a budget priority since Governor Corbett's cuts. Patty's advocacy has resulted in combined funding increases for the Harrisburg and Steelton/Highspire school districts of $10 million annually or 16% since Corbett's last budget. 

  • Patty Kim is the PA House Democratic leader fighting to increase the PA minimum wage. Patty introduced HB 1520 that would increase the state’s minimum wage to $12 per hour immediately and rising to $15 per hour over time with an annual Cost of Living Adjustment.

  • Patty took the unconventional step of posting all of her legislative expenses online so the public can watch where their tax dollars are being spent.

2018 YMCA Hero Award Recipient

2018 YMCA Hero Award Recipient

  • In addition to sponsoring legislation to eliminate automatic cost-of-living adjustments for public officials, Patty has returned every legislative cost-of-living adjustment to the Pennsylvania Treasury totaling more than $11,000 to date.

  • Patty Kim’s unwavering support for Harrisburg City firefighters was key in securing $5 million in the state budget, a 10x increase from what was originally proposed, for those that provide fire protection services to the Capitol building and 40 additional state buildings.

  • Patty Kim continues to fight for increased opportunity for all. In 2016, she was instrumental in passing SB166. It would allow prior conviction for a non-violent ungraded, second degree or third degree misdemeanor eligible for a limited access order after ten crime free years. She has hosted several informational clinics for the new law and pardoning process. Her office has helped over 300 individuals who have inquired and applied for expungement to increase their chances for employment and make reintegration into productive society possible.

Minimum Wage Rally

Minimum Wage Rally

  • Patty Kim’s pivotal support for the 2013 comprehensive transportation bill resulted in an extra $10 million dedicated to fix crumbling infrastructure in the 103rd district.

  • In the summer months, Patty assists the elderly who have to live next to overgrown lots by organizing a team of re-entrants that need volunteer hours and students to cut down weeds and clean up trash. These teams have cleared more than a dozen lots.

  • Patty was a leading voice for the need to reform the Steelton Water Authority when drinking water violations were discovered. Once reforms were in place, she secured a $3 million State loan to permanently upgrade facilities.

  • Patty started an annual “Harrisburg Lip Sync Battle” to raise awareness and money for the families of victims of violence. Patty also helped bring a “Mothers in Charge” chapter to Harrisburg. This organization is a way for mothers who lost their children to murder to prevent future homicides through legislation and programming.

  • To increase accessibility and bring state government closer to her constituents, Patty established her “mobile office initiative” in which she and her staff are available at locations out in the community. Locations have included the Latino Hispanic American Community Center and the United Methodist Neighborhood Center in Harrisburg, the Highspire Municipal Building and the Friendship Fire Hall in Bressler.

  • In 2018, Patty established the “50 Men of Black Excellence” to celebrate the achievements of local leaders at a special event in the Capitol Rotunda which was spotlighted by regional media. Patty Kim understands that in tough economic times sacrifice should be shared. That’s why she took the unconventional step of posting all of her legislative expenses online so the public can watch where their tax dollars are being spent.